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Independent Professionals

Learn more to earn more.


There's no better investment than one in yourself

We teach the sorts of stuff you wish they taught in school. The real-world skills that will pay off for the rest of your career. Things like dealing with difficult people, goal setting, time management, and selling yourself and your ideas.

Sell More and Sell More Easily

We are all selling all the time. It simply means becoming a professional communicator. People who can sell themselves and their ideas make more money and find more success.

Build a Bulletproof Business

Leaders who can create a compelling vision, communicate it to others, and rally support in pursuit of that mission discover they can overcome most challenges.

Take Charge of Your Career

No matter the position or role, people who can set goals, manage their time, execute when called upon, and keep their head straight will find
success and financial freedom.

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Our unique reinforcement training empowers professionals to change behaviors, develop new attitudes, and improve techniques, leading to consistent, lasting success in sales and leadership.

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You won't fail, because we won't let you!


We offer weekly and monthly private or public sessions to support you through your change initiative. While other training companies only offer books and online courses, leaving you with the hard part, we stick with you as coaches to ensure permanent change and lasting results.

Online Courses

Sandler Online is a state-of-the-art platform designed to educate and support learners with a variety of content, tools, and applications with on-demand access. Learn at your own pace through a variety of online courses and get access to our extensive resource libraries by enrolling yourself today.

  • Sales

    • No-Pressure Prospecting This online course is an introduction to a better way to start sales conversations. Prospecting expert, Sean Coyle, leads you through an easy-to-follow process for connecting with decision-makers Enroll Now
    • Social Selling Success In this four-part self-guided course, Mike Montague, Sandler’s VP of Online Learning, shows you how to build your foundation, leverage social prospecting, hold better sales conversations, and get more referrals and introductions. Enroll Now
    • Negotiating Mastery Led by Sandler CEO, Dave Mattson, this nine-lesson course covers the common strategies of professional negotiators and the tactics needed to create win-win outcomes. Enroll Now
    • The Sandler Selling System This self-guided introduction to Sandler produced by Cornerstone is designed to help you rethink the sales profession and how should be selling for best results. Enroll Now 
  • Leadership

    • Building a Bulletproof Business Dave Mattson, CEO of Sandler, walks you through thirteen blind spots and bottlenecks that might be holding your organization back from reaching its full potential. Enroll Now
    • Leading the Next Generation Learn how to serve the Millennials and Gen-Zers on your team. This four-part course covers how to motivate, managed, and lead the next generation of top young talent. Enroll Now

    • The Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders This self-guided course covers the 49 rules laid out in the best-selling book by Dave Mattson. He walks you through each rule and how to apply it for maximum effectiveness. Enroll Now
  • Professional Development

    • Dealing with Difficult People Amy Woodall, Sandler’s customer care guru, leads you through a four-part course for identifying emotional triggers in yourself and others and how to avoid or diffuse them. Enroll Now
    • No Guts, No Gain This advanced self-guided course is all about assertiveness and going after your goals, and it includes the original David Sandler audio. Stand your ground and don’t wimp out on your dreams. Enroll Now

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Learn how Sandler trainers go “beyond the book” and implement ground-level solutions for your sales team to improve processes, personal performance, and results.